Comments : My biggest heartbreak

  • 10 months ago

    by Joseph Kerr

    Like, but not for pleasure
    This plucks on the heart's strings of any decent man currently or wishing to be a father, more importantly, a Dad.
    Protector, a hero the last bastion of safety

  • 10 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Em, this is a shocking write. Is this based on previous personal events? X

  • 10 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Em, congratulations seem misplaced for a write such as this, but you have them anyway, and my sympathy.

    All the best

  • 10 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Congratulations x

  • 10 months ago

    by Mark

    Sad yet beautiful Em! Congrats

  • 8 months ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Judges comments.

    MY Biggest Heartbreak (by Em) 7 points.

    This was a rather harrowing piece to read, and it tells of an ordeal many will have had to endure.

    Something like this takes courage to write, let alone post so that everyone can see.
    To convey an experience like this in such a captivating way is a credit to the author.

    I only hope that life has or will become easier.

    A very poignant poem with a defiant and strong ending.