Take my hand

by Imperfection   Oct 30, 2018

Take me by the hand
Teach me how to fight
Teach me how to win
I wanna be a warrior
I wanna be strong
I wanna stand alone
And be able to stand up tall

Teach me how to fight
Teach me how to win
Take me by my hand
And hold me tightly
I wanna be the one
I wanna stand strong

If you’re here with me
Show me how to belong
Show me I can win
Show me how to fight
Take the scars from me

Let me never fall
Let me stand up tall
Take me by my hand.
Take the pain away
Leave it all behind
So I can stand up tall
Show the warrior I can be

Let me feel the pain
Let me feel the sting
Show me I can take it
Through all the stuff I’ve been
I can be the warrior within

Take me by my hand
Show me who I am
Teach me how to fight
Teach me who I am
Show my warrior within.


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  • 8 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    An interesting piece almost like a mantra. Boosting the inner feeling of strength. Sometimes imagining you are strong can make you strong. We always find strength in times of need often more than we imagine that we will have. Milly x

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