How True Loves Supposed To Be

by Kerry Gardiner   Mar 4, 2019

How true loves supposed to be
by Robert Kerry Gardiner

I see your name everywhere I look,
Girl it's written on my heart,
And I think god wrote it there,
The moment this all began to start

I see your face in my dreams,
It's wedged into my mind,
You always have a smile showing,
That shows your soul that is so kind

I feel your soul around me,
While I'm walking down the street,
Whispering in the wind to me,
With a voice that is so sweet

I can feel your feelings for me,
From where you are each day,
Honey there is just so much emotion,
With every sweet word that you say

Girl I want for you to know,
You are my life each and every day,
And I don't want for you to leave,
It is with you I want my heart to stay

I swear I'll treat you like an angel,
Cause that's what you are to me,
If we listen to our hearts, well show this world,
How true loves supposed to me

©Robert Kerry Gardiner Poems


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