Que lastima-(English Version)

by chelo   Mar 5, 2019

I asked myself, why didn’t you love me?
I traveled two hundred miles to see you.
I thought you were the one to be
I saw you like the most beautiful thing
But you were a lie just waiting to sting
Disguised as a princess
You took me for granted,
Taking my heart and playing with it.
In reality though, you lost when you quit.
Now you realize the love you lost,
You cry with tears of regret.
I forgive you but I am sorry,
With me, you no longer have a future.
For in love, I have matured.
I recognize you don't deserve my love.
Honestly, I wanted it to be you and me.
However your selfishness and pride,
Did not let you see,
The love I felt for you was real.


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