Eternity (A Lover’s Curse)

by Daniel   Mar 25, 2019

“Tonight, my dear,
a new moon sits in our skies -
with the window aloft,
you will dream sweetly of me.”

Said she,

“Yes, my love,
and I shan’t dream of another.”

As the candle fire
was squandered to but
a violet flicker, and the final
billow of the incense
was sucked out from the

his eyes began to quiver,
his lips quake and stammer.

Bounding leaps of
thunderous horses,
hordes of blackened,
corpses - flesh stripped
at the bone;

the tooth splintering
screeches from mouths
like sunken gorges.

“Hands tied by fraying
rope, I sit at the precipice
as these horrors march
towards me;

they near so quickly,
brigades of ghouls,
I cannot move...”

until the moment they
are inches

their fingertips
reaching for his

“so suddenly
are my hands unshackled,
my ankles, free
and my saviour is
a picture of saintly

I wake.”

“Your saviour in these
nightmares, it is still not me?”

asked she.

“No, it is her,
and I can’t dream of another.”


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Latest Comments

  • 6 months ago

    by Michael

    Daniel old chum :)

    Your ability to sort of twist poetry into a tale of extraordinary content is truly brilliant. I so enjoyed this dark, night-marish scene. The imagery to boot :)
    Nice one fella

    • 6 months ago

      by Daniel

      Thanks Michael!
      Appreciate the words :)

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