Lost bridges

by chelo   Mar 27, 2019

Life was amazing to me
I created many bridges.
Friendships here and there across the sea.
Little did I know I would lose these bridges.

I met you and instantly a bridge was made.
In my heart, I believed you were the one.
The special bridge who would never sway.
Little by little, my other bridges were being undone.

I did not care,
I had you the love of my life.
They told me beware.
Leaving them behind me I looked to you my future wife.

Then you did something that left me stun.
You burned down the bridge we made.
Crying I asked “Why hun?”
I looked around for aid,

I found none.
All my bridges were all gone.
Nowhere to run.
No one to call on.

Left alone all on my own…


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