by Imperfection   Apr 29, 2019

Baby its so hard to breathe
Reach inside my chest
Have my heart please
Take this pain make it stop
It’s so hard to breathe
It’s so hard to resist
I feel possessed
I don’t feel myself
I’m so paralyzed
I feel it in your stare
I see it in your eyes
I know I should run
But baby I’m paralyzed
Please take it all
My heart is yours
You leave me naked
I loose my defences
You’ve broken in
I say things I don’t mean
I push you away
Say you can’t win
But baby your in
You’ve always been part of me
You’re my stars, my moon you’re everything
Don’t you see
You’ve had my heart from the start
So please take it
Take all of me
Kiss my lips take the pain away
My heart has been aching for you
For so long it’s true
I’m paralyzed I won’t move
I’m yours
So finally let’s be us once more.


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