by Imperfection   Jun 17, 2019

I wish you could tell me
All that you feel
I wish you could be honest
And just say what you think
I wish it could all come out
Without making it hard
I wish you could be open
And tell me what's on your mind

I wonder what else you're keeping from me
If it's really that easy to hide
It scares me sometimes
Because what else aren't you telling me
When I open up all the time

I know it can be hard to open up
I know it's not easy given the situation we're in
But I never thought you'd hide from me
As yout feelings and secrets you'd always tell
But I feel like things are different now
Your secrets you can no longer tell
Your feelings now you hide

Maybe it's cause of this situation
Or maybe you've always never been honest
That's what makes me wonder
As you hid from me this all your life
Maybe one day you'll tell

(I didn’t want to put this up due to the fact it hurt someone I truly love I never wanted it to do that I just wanted to show you how it felt to hide things no matter how hard it is. I can’t help how my brain works my anxiety is evil and maybe makes me think things that isn’t even true for example what else are you hiding from me if you can’t even open up to me when I know it’s probably not the case as I know the situation isn’t nice and things are so hard to talk about but it’s that promise to tell each other everything and maybe sometimes that’s an impossible thing to do cuz we are human and need secrets too I guess but I feel like I have no secrets from you I tell you how I feel and I feel naked around you you know all of me every part even the parts I don’t say I know you already know about them even if words fail me I honestly feel naked around you I always have. You know me more than I know myself sometimes and I know things are so hard and I hate that we have to hide we have to lie and our feelings we can’t show but it won’t be forever somehow our love will find away cuz I know we won’t give up again we can’t we belong together baby and that I know the most I’m sorry this poem hurt you. I’d give my life if it meant you never had any pain and could be happy I seriously would you’re everything to me)


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