What if

by Imperfection   Jun 20, 2019

Do you ever get that feeling
That feeling that’s hard to describe
Where your body starts shaking
And you wonder what’s happening
You feel like something is gonna go wrong
In just one decision you make
Something so important
That you know that when you do it
It will change your life forever
That dream you’ve been waiting for your whole life
And now it’s finally gonna happen

Now your left with a feeling
That can you actually be happy
You’ve been through so much
So many ups and downs
Waiting for this person to turn your whole life around
Make everything worth while
Make everything ok again
And even maybe happy

But then you think about it
That’s hard thing to ask for from anyone
And I’m sure there’s still gonna be ups and downs
And no one can be happy all the time
No matter if your dreams come true

And you think again
And you feel scared
Because the what ifs
They all come rushing to your head
As your head starts talking fast
Saying what if things don’t last
What if something goes wrong
What if everyone hates you
What if they turn their backs on you
For the one choice you dreamt of your whole life to make
What if your own family walks away from you
What if no one understands why your doing this
No matter how you tell them
What if I lose everyone
For a dream I don’t even know will come true
What if she finds out she hates me
And what if she can’t live with me
What if she Doesn’t like my bad habits
Or can’t handle my snoring

What if she hates the little things I do
What if I annoy her without meaning to
What if we don’t work as a couple
What if my world crumbles

I love her I really do and I’m so willing to give up everything to be with her
But I’m scared
Because I love her and I know she’s the only one that can really break me in two
I’m scared because if this doesn’t work
I don’t know what I’d do
I’m scared because if we try everything and still can’t be together how will we feel
I’m scared because I can’t live without you


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