The other end

by Imperfection   Aug 3, 2019

Feel like there’s a lot in my head
It’s on over drive
Thinking of things that could take my life
End it all for good
No more pain no more hurt
All the struggles would be gone for good
Feeling of invisibility
Feeling unwanted
It would all be gone
Run the bath and get in
Take the razor
You know what’s left to do
That’s what’s going through my head
Make it stop
I know it’s messed up
So much pressure
Letting people down
Them letting me down
It’s all the same isn’t it
So what’s the point
Tell me
Cause I don’t see how things can be fixed
By talking by seeing the worst in me
How does this even help
Trying to fix someone broken for good
How will showing me
What I already know work
When all I want is to sleep for good
So tired feeling so empty
I drink a shot of rum
Maybe two or three
Try to numb this pain in me
It’s laughable
I’m a joke in the making
How cud anyone love me
Let down invisible freak like me
No one really understands
Words I’m frightened to say
Incase words don’t come out the right way
Can’t ever know so poems I write
Maybe you’ll see what’s clearly in me
I’m tired I’m knackered but somehow I can’t kill me
But the thoughts the imagines in my brain
Don’t stop
And taunt me
Haunting me
I’m scared one day I’ll try again
But then am I really scared
What if it’s peaceful on the other end.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 months ago

    by redacted_words

    "I’m scared one day I’ll try again
    But then am I really scared
    What if it’s peaceful on the other end."

    This was genius. Perhaps one of the most raw pieces I've ever read in my life. I hope you get the strength to face and make it through your dark times.

    • 6 months ago

      by Imperfection

      Thanks no one has ever said genius to my poem before cheers and thanks again yeah my homework was to write how I feel and other things but gave me anxiety so I thought I’d just write it in a poem instead I’m gonna show it to my councillor so hey maybe it will help who knows but cheers for reading my poem

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