Hold me for real

by Imperfection   Aug 17, 2019

I feel like things have changed
I could be wrong
Could be over thinking again
But feels like your less interested in me
Are things in my head
Is the voices doing it again
You feel distant like your gonna leave
Maybe I’ve put you off something I’ve said
Something I’ve done
Something feels wrong
We’re not the same
I know you felt it to
Maybe it’s the distance
Maybe it’s just hard to deal
But I don’t want to lose you
My heart hurts
And maybe all I’m doing is over thinking this
And it’s not really happening
But I’m not quiet sure
Do you feel it too?
Or is it just in my head like the voices too
I don’t know
Maybe this is just to much
I just want you here
Wish you could hold me for real.


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