Didn't See It Coming

by C Cattaway   Oct 10, 2019

I would walk this earth for you.
You mean the world to me.
But friends is all that works for us,
And I take that. You see
You cannot give me what I need.
I'll take what I can get.
For almost 30 years, you've been
The one I can't forget.
But here, now, where we are, in life,
Your friend is what I'll be,
As that means more than anything,
And you're everything to me.
Still, meeting up for coffee,
Then the dinner that we shared
Has shown me more than what I thought.
I do know that you cared.
But it has made me realise
That although you are My One,
You aren't the person meant to be
My head's special someone.
For, as we sat & chatted,
It was he who filled my thoughts.
I never saw it coming!
Now I'm feeling out of sorts,
As he doesn't see me like that.
I don't know how I feel,
Because I thought I'd be alone
Since your & my ordeal!
At least I know our friendship
Can sustain. Guess that's a start!
Now all I need is just to find
A way to heal my heart!

Copyright C Cattaway 2019


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