Comments : What Is Lust?

  • 7 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Some interesting thoughts here. You often hear the question 'what is LOVE' but not often the lust question. Purely instinctive or - potentially - the beginning of something far more? Not sure.

    Anyway, all the best

  • 2 months ago


    True Love is fleeting, has nothing to do with lust or sex!
    There are three definitions of Love in the New Testament
    Philao, Common worldly affection, like friendship, which has degrees, more for relationships, and family, less for those that you interact with daily.

    Euros (Erotic) purely psychical, a sexual gratification, either by one's self, or with a partner. This is by many, understood as a "Love Affair".

    The Last is the perfect explanation of pure Love, it is Agape' and expressed through God's Creation, for God himself is pure Love. Only believers in him can actually experience this pure Love by his Holy Spirit indwelling them, thus they become one Spirit, as Jesus also was the Son of God, born miraculously as a true man. All of God's fullness dwelled in him bodily.