Idiots Full Of Answers

by Mary   May 18, 2020

Leave things as they are
At least for the time being

This cafe is an old friend to me
I come here to sip tea and think about things
I think too much, I believe

At least too much about the wrong things
I'm too sensitive, and too alert to what people think of me
Without saying one single word
I know within seconds
Where a person is coming from
Whether they're kindness will be genuine
Or they're scheming to burden me

With senseless suffering
To demoralize me and destroy my family
My life is full of questions
And these idiots are full of answers


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  • 1 week ago

    by Nil

    As somebody who overthinks, I can relate. Alway mindful of what someone might be thinking, when sometimes that's not the case. Regardless I enjoyed this poem, thank you for sharing.