by Prophecies In Kodak   May 20, 2020

*First time I've written in four years*

My face is worn like water, moth balls are taking the risk. Absorbing the chaos around me, sharpening rounds of my wit. I lick my mouth at the corners, I swallow my bloody means well. Life is a structure of problems and I'm thinking of writing my will. But my life is less of a gift and more of a bitter means well. A wilted soprano of guilt trips, a spitoon of struggle and bile.

I see your face in the cough cloud, I remember your hands on my hips. A nudge of my soul that is burning, a cough drop to sturdy my flip. Cause I'm ready to jump off this building, I'm ready to tighten the noose. A f ucking shot for the long road while I'm on hold with Jesus and Zeus.

I have loved you with all of my being, I have softened my blows in your name. Been fist fighting God for a long time, I've sent Angels straight on their way. I don't deserve heaven or means well, I don't deserve to swallow the pain. My flannel is burnt at the edges and I'm tired of losing the game. I've been holding back for so long now, I've been taming my heart for your sips. I want you to drink me like vodka: let me burn and sink down to your crisp.

I've wrapped you a daisy in time stamps, so you'll never forget where we are. Cigarette from my mouth is still burning, i'm slamming the hood of the car. I've loved you since nineth grade beginnings, I can't think of ink without you. I've burned you inside of my rib cage, I've gave you the blood soaked koi blues.

I'll sing you a voice that's so subtle, you'll hear it from miles away. You can run from the tiles and brush now, please just remember my name. Because I'm tough when I'm sporting a black brow, I'm so cool when you look in my eyes. But I'm burning for hands on my purpose, and I need you to love me or lie.


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