Wind Pipe.

by Prophecies In Kodak   May 20, 2020

I took the time to matter, I've done all that you
asked. I've lived my life with substance and I think I'll ower the mask. Your eyes are warm like amber, I've loved your coffee lips. They simmer in the sunset, they graze my brazen risk. The time has ceased to move now: my mind just plays and plays. The moments where you loved me... I've freezed them in the frame.

Cause you're soft when you whisper, and you shake against my ear. Built within my burdens, you coated out my fears. I've asked you for your words now, I beg to hear my name. Please say you won't forget me, please don't leave your taste to tame.

I've given you my chest, hallowed for a home. I've kissed your broken promise, I've called my little ghost. I've sworn I won't forget you, love pushing through my veins. I'm worn and also learning, but she can't stutter out my name. I remember your black eyes, your nails against my shirt. A leather couch and a decision, the heat sinks through my burns. Kiss the collar you gave me, keep my tie held tight. The decision has been made love, please don't say that it's not right.

I've messed with my dial one hundred, I've been happy and sad and proclaimed. I've been broken and misunderstanding, but I've never not spoken your name. You've been someone so strong and steady, please don't leave me alone in the dust. I can't take back the faltered nerve endings, but I promise I'll try not to cuss.

Because you deserve to know what it means when a person sees God in your smile. You're an angel I can't stop undressing, I deserve hell and the slow lane for miles. I could kiss you for moments of honey, I'd take bee stings for years upon years. I'd fight the poison till dropped knees, just to know you're still with me my dear.

I can't promise I'm worthy of luster, I can't say that I've been good in life. I'm a broken and used piece of carbon, I'm a knife in my mother's wind wipe. I'll never be just what you ask for: I'll fall short in the greatest of ways. But I'll love you till Earth takes the last spin, not even exstinction will take that away.


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