Just another rant

by Mark Hopwood   May 23, 2020

I think if I got a hug off an adult I'd break down and cry,
For years only hugs from my children,
Don't get me wrong I love and adore those hugs as my kidlings are my absolute world,
But contact with an adult, I can't remember and I just feel so helplessly alone,
So hopelessly worthless, useless and void of anything.
People have their f**k buddies, their friends with benefits and I don't even have an actual friend, just words on social media, but words are no longer enough.
I can't go on, but I have to,
Two beautiful worlds spin in my orbit, two worlds I love more than anything and anyone,
So how can this not be enough?
Why should this not be enough?
And so I write this, with tears streaming down my face, crying so much its hard to breathe,
Being dad is the best feeling in the world,
But its some other feeling I need.
And so I sit here, writing this sh*f
Not knowing when it should end,
So I'll end it now, no time like the present.


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