by BEJohnson   Jun 23, 2020

She walks down her own path
holding her diary to her heart..
Her head held low she thinks
of her life that's falling apart..

She wishes she could fly away
from this place she calls her own.
The one that has left her impaired
as she feels so cold and all alone.

She looks at herself in the mirror
tracing the person she hates today.
Feeling unpretty to her own world
fighting to live yet another day..

She lies in bed crying to herself
muffling her sobs so no one hears.
Letting her blanket protect her
as it catches all of her tears.

She wishes she could smile again
that true smile that lights her face.
The one that she use to love dearly
the one she wishes was not replaced.

But all she has left is her diary
the one with the words so close.
The one that can cut the silence
like the thorn on any single rose.

Still underneath those pages
shows the truth behind her mask.
The only escape from the demons
the ones that are killing her too fast.

Underneath the ink lies the person
she wishes she could once again be.
She hopes she can one day smile again
and finally be free.


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