Lost Fairytales

by Mimi   Jul 16, 2020

As a little girl
I grew up reading fairytales
Dreaming that I could be
Possibly a princess of my own
I dreamt of wishes
That come true
And magic spells
That made you someone new
I grew up watching happy endings
Where the good guys always win
And the villains always disappear
Never to be seen again
Where the world is a happy place
And smiles are never faked
Where people are kind
And never say a word
To harm one another
I dreamt of fairytales
But what I didn’t know
Is that the world I live in
Is just the opposite
That all fairytales were
Just tales told
To make children sleep at night
Until they understand
When they grow up
That there are no happy endings
And the villains always win.


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