Lonely Path

by Milton   Jul 17, 2020

For the longest time, I walked a lonely path
And for a long time, I was okay with that
From all the way out here, I couldn't get hurt
Protection for my heart from getting burnt

I became an empty shell
I lived in a dark void
Loneliness used to be something I embraced
Now it's giving me chase

When I found you, you showed me a new world
A world that I could never see before
All I knew was that whenever I looked into your eyes
Everything would be fine

I felt safe with you
Like I could be me again
I've felt like an empty husk for such a long time
But with you I felt redesigned

I thought I had found a purpose
I felt like I had found a true home
Now I wander a barren world
Lost and in confusion as everything has become a twirl

There were things that I thought I knew
Things that I thought I could understand
Now the pain is all too real
I'm forced to put my heart back away, locked and sealed

Now I know the truth
You belong in someone else's arms
I've fallen for someone I can't have
My heart splits into two halves

Now I know that I'm alone
There's no help coming
I have to survive out here stranded
The empty silence, confirms I've been abandoned

For the longest time, I walked a lonely path
And for a long time, I was okay with that
When I opened my eyes I realized I was now back
But this time there was no path. I'm lost and this world has become pitch black


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Latest Comments

  • 2 months ago

    by Kate

    Just as nice as it was when I first read it. Again, still very happy with the repeating lines in the beginning and with the last stanza. It really brings it full circle and kind of mimics the relationship between you and that person, starting out happy and bright but then it takes a turn for the worst and you kind of sulk back into the place you were before. I also like the hint of rhyming in the beginning the piece. Great job!

    • 2 months ago

      by Milton

      Thank you so much Kate! It means a lot to hear that you enjoyed how I put everything together! I'm glad you liked it!

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