Comments : Daisies Shouldn't Rust

  • 9 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I really liked how you didn't use the word "decay" in this; "rust" seemed almost harsher. Your word choice in this was extremely well-done and biting, if that makes sense, to further illustrate how selflessly you gave, only to have those pure intentions mocked and destroyed. It made me think of the way we may tend to others and still take care of them, even when they aren't deserving, even when they throw us to the ground and bury us. We still want them to grow, to be nurtured. The image of the daises throughout, and what it represents in innocence and new beginnings, and how the daises were not even dismissed but cursed to rust... that love that is being given yet not being returned to you. The last few lines immediately made me think of when we give others countless chances, and keep building them up when we could succumb to bitterness or petty things, and they choose to walk away and not take our hand. They close off every part of themselves and in doing so, isolate themselves further and any chance of revival.

    Hard-hitting write.