by Gracy Judith   Aug 19, 2020

How far will this cavalcade
of empty hearses travel
towards all things undying?
I wonder.
Bereft of sleep, I stand by the tenebrous river of life
immersed in its soft susurration.
I feel its mild tug at my heartstrings
as I pour my forlorn soul
into the sound of its grey billows—
I listen to the cathartic swell
as I am rinsed of the sins
never committed
and now the river lies sleepless
for the weight it carries…
while I seek
the satiny white moon
and walk into its shadow

©gracy judith


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  • 2 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    The opening image was beyond haunting - empty hearses, a procession awaiting death, even calling for it and following you... I really felt with your imagery that I was standing before the river, and knowing that it offers to hold my burdens, so I can keep going.

    The word choice in this was quite enthralling, and I even had to look up the meaning of "tenebrous" and "susurration". I felt like any additional adjectives or descriptors would have crowded this poem, which is why, in a way, I preferred the second half of the poem. It felt a bit more natural. I think the best written lines, and most memorable, were

    "as I am rinsed of the sins
    never committed
    and now the river lies sleepless
    for the weight it carries"

    - The emphasis here being on sins NOT committed, which made me do a double take, because often, when I see "sins" being talked about in a poem, it's the author asking forgiveness for them. This read with even more depth, like a cleansing of the soul, and an understanding that nature will take upon your burden so you can sleep. Since it is a constant stream, it can continue to carry on, whereas you, you have your limits.

    This felt different than any other piece I've read before, and I loved how you showed catharsis and made me feel everything that it entails.

    • 2 months ago

      by Gracy Judith

      So glad you liked the poem. Thank you so very much for your time taken in reading and for your constructive feedback. Means a lot. And many thanks for the nomination too.

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