by Mimi   Sep 24, 2020

I made a friend today
His name is Nobody
And he's the best friend
There ever could be

Nobody loves me
Nobody cares
Nobody laughs with me
Nobody's always there

If you were to ask me
Who my best friend is
I'd say Nobody, without a doubt
My heart will always be his

I trust Nobody
And Nobody trusts me
We're the best pair
You ever did see

Nobody listens to me
And Nobody talks
But one day he was gone
Imagine my shock

Nobody left me
He was nowhere to be seen
All I could find was Somebody
But Somebody's always been mean

I don't trust Somebody
And neither should you
I thought I could trust Nobody
But that's no longer true

So now Somebody's
All I've got
Maybe I'm being rash
But he's worth a shot


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