Comments : We Will Go (English sonnet)

  • 8 months ago

    by Em

    Hey Ben,
    As ever, this piece is perfect in my eyes.
    The title 'we will go' makes me wonder where you'll go and why... The questions keep coming to be honest and the answers are endless.

    The first part of this is very sweet and made me smile as it shows me you'd do anything for this person but in a turn of events you unfortunately can't because you've been feeling anything but happy and like helping this person feel a better version of themselves even if you do love them. It also makes me think of someone being in a depressive mood and brining someone else down with them... It goes to show that someones mood can rub off on other people no matter the mood.

    Wow, this part just reminds me of somone I used to know... No matter how much you tried to help them they just wouldn't help themselves thus their hopelessness/mood rubbed off you and unfortunately they ended up losing friendships because of it. Its a very interesting way of looking at this particular aspect of people's moods in future.

    This is so very true, our dreams despite what they were would definitely make life more memorable wouldn't they? I think this is what you're meaning here anyway. Though I guess I could have interpreted them so wrongly.

    The last two lines, to me, are extremely depressing it's like stay with me and we'll go under together no matter what as we were going to go under separately anyway and it makes me extremely sad. This being said, the piece is very relatable not to me but to many of us all over the place especially on this site, I presume.

    Take care and all the best, as always.
    Em x

  • 8 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This whole piece spoke to me about the realities of life, and how devastating facing reality can be. No matter what age, perhaps there's a bit of a child in us all, hopefully dreaming for what fairytales hinted at, wanting our own version of that. But life is surprising and can be cruel. Sometimes, all we CAN do is hold on, or hope to have someone to try to make it through with. I also liked the notion of dreaming while awake, because if we did, wouldn't we have much more hope and joy, however naive it may be?

    Missed reading your work!

  • 8 months ago

    by Lost star

    Hi Ben, I love it all but,

    "If all the mountains climbed were not so steep, We wouldn't fall and leave such vicious marks"

    Something about this just grabbed me, this is a beautifully written sonnet.