I’m saving me.

by Beautiful Tragedy   Oct 6, 2020

You’ve always pushed me to write poems about you.
Well I’m sorry-
Because this probably isn’t the love sick puppy poem you wanted me to write for you.
This is about how I feel,
Since you never openly listen to anyways.
When you got comfortable you stopped being what I needed and only half of who I wanted;
That’s the funny thing about relationships right?
People get comfortable and then you see who they really are.
Does shoving your opinion of my past on me and making me feel like shit make you feel better?
Have you always been a bully to people you claim to love,
While calling it being “logical”.
I’m a sensitive person-
I’m not stupid.
There’s no apologies for your hurtful words;
Only ever for ones spoken from my mouth.
But what’s the point in fighting for this again?
I’m so tired of fighting...
I’m so tired of you hanging everything over my head.
So tired of the constant questions,
Lack of trust.
Lack of empathy.
Lack of comprehension.
Vacations and movie nights aren’t shit without emotional stability and-
You’re not making me feel stable at all.
You’re rocking the boat so hard I feel like if I don’t get off of it;
I’m going to drown.
And believe me-
I’m tired of drowning.
If it’s choose to be with you or save me-
I’m saving me.


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  • 7 months ago

    by Rania Moallem

    Wow so much pain and remorse in your words. But so much power and strength. On a personal level, not as a reader, I admire the voice here and the wisdom. That is the right choice. I wonder what and how much it took you to realize that, for me it took a lot. Being affected by toxic people you love no matter what kind of relation you have with them could burn your soul, literally.

    You poured your heart out here and that is the 1st and key step! Stay strong. Well written and thanks for sharing.