Lost and found

by Violet Raven   Oct 6, 2020

I reckon cuddling hand in hand was our way
to show affection. There was always a spot
in the middle for me. I'd been welcomed into
their relationship with open arms.

We'd promise no touching was allowed
because purity meant something special.
No god existed in the world of two nineteen
year olds where grief was all they knew.

Now polyamorous is too taboo a term
to speak out loud but we knew in our
hearts that this triangle relationship
was meant to be together forever

until our base died.

Another cliche of "they passed away too
young" rang hollow over the church bells
that night. I'm not one to chase a drink but
I'd let my throat burn and spit out fire.

Showing emotion was forbidden in a house
of tough person attitudes but we'd cry
together with my head on your back rubbing
your neck and shoulders for soothing.

Numb feelings from past childhoods were erasing the fabric of my heartstrings. Things
were changing fast and i was overwhelmed.

Over a year had passed and i knew it was time
to say that i loved this person. "I love you
kaylee" stumbled from my lips. She smiled

kissed me and said "I love you too."

Both of our hearts had healed that morning.

*Violet Raven 10/5/2020


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