Change Their Fate

by Mimi   Oct 12, 2020

She wasn't quite invisible
She simply wasn't seen
No one ever noticed her
Or cared where she had been

She was just the quiet girl
Who lived around the corner
No one cared to know
The things that made her her

She tried to brush it off
Thinking one day someone would care
But rejection and betrayal taught her
That her life was too much to bear

And so, one night she gave up
She never would grow old
She was sure no one would notice
As her body became cold

Quite the opposite was true
People grouped together
They sent flowers and told
Wonderful stories about her

But maybe her life could have been saved
If they hadn't sent those flowers late
If they had shown her that they cared
And tried to change her fate

But that's the sad truth of this world
We never make the move
And show others that we care
Not until their life we lose


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