Night at age 14

by Violet Raven   Oct 12, 2020

Existential crisis:

To wear a women's shirt or go with what
was assigned? Maybe it's too early to come

Multiple sighs quiver across bruised lips
that have to be covered up with lies and
smears of

eye makeup that have stained from tearful
mornings. Blue and pink are just colors not
something to put a gender on.

Heart palpitations flutter with nervous grandeur
when mirror reflections showcase naturally
curled tresses and sparkling navy eyes.

Dimples grow slowly for the first time in
seven years when this pink shirt fits snuggly
across a tiny skeletal frame.

Closets cause scars to heal.

*Violet Raven 10/12/2020


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  • 2 weeks ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I love this poem so much, it's precious, especially in the process of healing and being your true self. This showed all of the emotions and questions, and also how society can do more harm by confining people to this or that gender, or choosing to assign gender to things that should be for anyone.... that last line flickered with hope.

    Love reading your truth in your work! :)