Thrown Back to the Past

by Mimi   Oct 26, 2020

I act fine on the outside
Those watching don't have a clue
I play the part of a loving sister
Though I hate him through and through

We laugh with the family
And tell stories just like the rest
But on the inside, I'm burning up
From all the pain I've repressed

I stay away from him
As I try not to remember the past
All the times he hurt me
And promised it would be the last

I don't know how long I can do this
I fear I might explode
All the control I have inside me
Is beginning to crumble and erode

I look up to him staring at me
Is there a hint of a smile on his lips?
Is he going to hurt me again?
After all the pain he inflicts?

Immediately my anger is gone
Instead replaced by fear
Why can't I stand up to him?
Why can't he just disappear?

I tremble and back away slowly
Trying to be discreet
I've lost control of my emotions
And I finally admit defeat

The whole night has been torture
And it won't be the last
Every time I see him
I'm thrown back to the past


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  • 2 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Although this poem is a tragically dark one, I was impressed how you skillfully painted it. The art of creating a scene that evokes emotions is what all writers strive for. You've done a good job here.
    I hope, if this is true, you have someone you can trust with this.

    Take care