The End (thank you p&q)

by Cantchangeme   Oct 31, 2020

She was 15 when she first posted on this site
32 now and a lot had changed
Never popular and never well liked
But she wrote about what was in her head
And In her heart
And In many ways it kept her sane
And for that she’ll always be thankful
She’ll always be grateful
And in the flicker of the screen she sat
Writing out her last sentence
It wasn’t great but it didn’t have to be
Others story’s were starting
Time for them to be told
She clicked the familiar save icon
And left
And on the screen

“You don’t always need the light in order to find your way”


Happy Halloween


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  • 1 year ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Halloween has gone and with it the streets full of children dressed in macabre costumes.
    I hope you decide to return, 17 years is a lifeline and you have so many memories here. They offer light in this now dark world.
    Take care X

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