by Mimi   Nov 6, 2020

The sky tore
It's bleeding red
For someone to
Feel its pain

The beer cans
Like empty songs
Swaying in
The breeze

There's a
Murmur of
In the

But it's forgotten
And replaced
By the sound
Of regret

A thousand
Broken souls
Yearning to
Break free

A thousand souls
Six feet under
And the
Only reminder

Being the
That came
Too late


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  • 2 weeks ago

    by Keira Pickard

    This is wonderful, but heart wrenching and emotional. The last stanza is so powerful and moving, and the lines:
    A thousand souls
    Six feet under
    Really grabbed me. I believe that this is about how those who are gone are forgotten so easily, the flowers that no one bothers to replace on their graves are the only thing showing that they were there. And those who can't rest are broken and desperate.
    I loved this.

  • 2 weeks ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    So much emotion in this! I especially liked the mention of forgiveness, but it being taken over by regret... the thousand souls made me think of the parts of us (the living), that are yearning to break free, and for our true selves to be seen and accepted. And also, the ones who have passed on from this life but are unable to move on, and they've been forgotten by so many. The concept of the wilted flowers made me think of several ways to interpret it, and I like how this poem had depth, because I not only thought of flowers brought to remember someone at a grave site, but the way humans wilt and we are unable to blossom again, to forgive ourselves and heal and grow from the pain/trauma.

    Sorrowful write.

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