by Beautiful Tragedy   Nov 16, 2020

Heartbreak is crying in your car at 11pm so nobody in your house hears you sobbing.
It’s telling someone over and over that they’re hurting you;
But they keep doing the same things anyways and put the blame on you.
It’s wiping your tears and telling yourself it’s okay just for more to pour out-
And realizing that anyone that cares about you would take your feelings seriously.
It’s listening to the same songs,
Feeling the same things all the time and it never changing even after false intentions that it will.
It’s being quick to leave and coming back;
Thinking you’re the issue when you’re not.
It’s writing a poem about someone who once apologized for being the muse for your pain-
Despite doing it several times after.
But hope-
Hope is leaving and discovering what’s it’s like to be happy again.


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  • 5 months ago

    by Skyfire

    So heartfelt. I hope you are finding some true hope of your own.