Human Spirit

by Mimi   Nov 16, 2020

The human thigh bone
Is stronger than concrete
The funny thing is that
We weren't built to break
That our bodies are so strong
It takes trucks to overturn us
The funny thing is,
We designed ourselves to survive
But forgot to make our souls strong
Sometimes people talk to me
About the invincibility of the human spirit
And I think that sounds real pretty
But it doesn't solve problems
Like how we are taking our own lives
Off of shelves as if we are thieves
In a seven eleven
They say the human spirit can
Endure anything thrown at it
But then how come so many of us
Hate ourselves so hard we
Can't see straight for it?
The human thigh bone is
Stronger than the buildings
We keep killing ourselves in
And there is a big difference
Between being alive
And living


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