The Truth About You

by Mimi   Nov 25, 2020

You hate it when I write these poems
They expose your wicked ways
You cannot bear to face yourself
You've found comfort in your haze

You've built a house of lies
Where you're content with living
And I've done nothing but show you the power
Of trying to be forgiving

My words sting when you read them
They tell tales of pure disgrace
And if they could all form a picture
We'd be staring at your face

You live inside my writing
And no longer in my heart
You've managed to make a mess of me
But I'll turn it into art

I tried to show you color
Where you painted shades of gray
I tried to fix what you've destroyed
But that was yesterday

You want so badly to be good-hearted
But that doesn't mean you are
You've cursed me with so much darkness
But I'm filled with shooting stars

I tried to craft myself
From the repulsive mess you made
But an unarmed girl is no match
For the guy who holds the blade

The truth is that you're everything
You claim you'd hate to be
For that, I'm thankful; because of you
My greatest masterpiece was me

I believed you for all this time
So your lies, they really sting
But what would you know about the truth?
Not a single thing


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  • 1 month ago

    by Kat

    I wish I were able to explain the way that this poem touched me. I think that far too often, we are able to use our life experiences to create such beautiful art... Unfortunately this may not be a good thing to those that have wronged us in our lives.

    Something I have always said and stood by is... "If people wanted to be a hero in my story then they should have acted accordingly.."

    That very saying reminds me of what you have just written and I ADORE it.

    Beautiful Piece!