The Fools Requiem

by Blake   Nov 28, 2020

I wish to him, the ill balladeer
That gathered guilt may dissapear
So too each ailment and woe

And to every jester, with his sack on a stick
Who flaunts his mischief and bare naked trick
Seeking to cause up a row

Walk to the ledge with your tattered torn clothes
Whilst faithfully clinging to your white thorny rose
Your token of freedom and right

Trot along with the bounce of your bell
To grant each child a merry brisk spell
Depriving their mind of blight

Like the muse of wayward troubadours
That all prisoners hail and adore
While they sing from behind barred glass

Awaiting Fates fabled pardons
To leave and sing through floral gardens
Yearning for all troubles to pass

And should I meet this foolish traveler
I’d give him these gifts of lavender
And maybe he forget his woe

Forget his worry and days of mold
And rest in cities of glory and gold
The haven each child should know

He needn't pray to grow up whole
Or forced by life to raise his soul
But know of love without end

With the pleasing scent of this lavender jewel
Allay all fret from this traveling fool
Do comfort him as his friend


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