Black Hole

by Mimi   Dec 2, 2020

He held me down like gravity
And now that he is gone
I'm flung into the universe
An empty used up pawn

I should be celebrating
My freedom, here at last
But all that I can think about
Is the black hole of my past

One by one the stars wink out
The emptiness too much to bear
The darkness wraps around me
But I no longer care

I cannot scream, I cannot cry
Just sit in silent pain
The tape stuck on repeat
That he thrust into my brain

Outside I smile, laugh, and charm
This mask, a concealer for my soul
After wearing it for so very long
It takes a weighty toll

Alone, at last, I let it drop
And shatter on the floor
What he broke inside of me
Too painful to ignore

The shards within, they rub me raw
Can I ever heal
Or am I doomed to relive nightly
The torturous ordeal

So now I sit, an aching mess
Crying in the rain
Just wanting to experience
Something other than this pain


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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by Skyfire

    You have such a clear voice. I hope that writing this in some way brings you a little bit of release.

  • 1 month ago

    by Scott Cole

    Awesome I love it nominated

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