My First Kiss

by Mimi   Dec 2, 2020

My first kiss
Wasn't supposed to happen
It's not something I miss
If you can imagine

It wasn't sweet
He gave me bruises
I wish it's memory I could delete
Since I was the one being used

He didn't care
About things like consent
And now, the scars I wear
Are all to represent

The pain I felt that day
While sharing my first kiss
My body's not for display
So why am I not allowed to resist

No matter what you call it
It will still be rape
Now my wrists are slit
And I still can't escape

Why does society teach
That you shouldn't get raped
When instead they should teach
People to not rape

See, my first kiss
Was when I was four years old
So don't you dare dismiss
His actions as simply bold


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