That Little Kid

by Mimi   Dec 7, 2020

Hidden in me
Is a lost little girl
Tired of finding
Her role in this world
Eaten with fear
Monsters, and demons
If you look close enough
Sometimes you'll see them
Never enough
Can never do right
Tired of fighting
To stand in the light
Trying to grow
To change and evolve
Begging to be wanted
But life I still haven't quite solved
Criticism a constant
Belittling the trend
When will it stop
Why won't it just end
You're blind to the consequence
Of all that you do
Nothing I say
Seems to ever break through
The path that I walk
Was not what I chose
But often in life
That's just how it goes
I stand by my choices
And all my mistakes
Struggling to show you
I've got what it takes
I can do this alone
Like a phoenix, I'll rise
I'm done feeling broken
Unworthy to your eyes
The power to heal
I've given myself
No more relying
On anyone else
One day you'll realize
Just what you did
But now I'm no longer
That little kid


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