You aren’t worth the tears

by Beautiful Tragedy   Dec 16, 2020

I wasn’t even going to leave;
I wasn’t even angry.
I was hurt.
I was hurt that you were constantly focusing on my social media instead of me,
I was hurt that no matter how many times I voiced
how I was feeling you ignored it and continued to do and say the same hurtful things.
I was hurt that you ignored my plea’s for you to stop being so insensitive and ignorant-
For you to stop saying rude detrimental things to me but generalizing them.
Just because you loved me didn’t make me the exception to the rule on your opinions.
And just because I loved you didn’t make it okay for me to tolerate your cruel anger and rude ignorance.
But I got out of my car and packed my things when you told me to anyways because it wasn’t worth fighting over;
I wasn’t going to repeat how I was feeling for the millionth time just for you to make it all better for a day or two.
I don’t understand why you thought it was okay to hurt me repeatedly,
Ignore me when I told you you were doing so,
And then turn it all back on me and tell me you’re sick of my “bipolar episodes.”
So I have my bed at security made,
And I’m gonna lay in it.
I’m not even going to cry over you-
You weren’t worth the depression and you aren’t worth the tears either.


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