by Prophecies In Kodak   Dec 18, 2020

there are days in my life i feel catatonic
clinging to the notion that better days mean better times.
but as the crimson of your laughter echoes through my hallways
i question the peak of being
g r o u n d e d 

do you remember the nights we exchanged
love cusps
melon trees? 

what does it mean for gravity 
to pull you to a person 
when not even science can really stop 
from pulling        a          w       a           y

you are soft in your approach,
calm in your neglectful whimsy.
i am dancing in the hallway of your decision
a ballroom of obstacles dangling at our feet. 
it takes two to tango, but 
you’re the only one in the 
drivers seat. 

passenger to heartbreak - 
i feed off the fire in your belly
acid day dreams and hopes of 
will you stay
i have given you my all and then some,
melodic in the concerto of
my lonely.

pump the breaks 
pump the breaks
pump the breaks 

i’m not ready to collide into all your unsteady -
gravity still has some work
to do 


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