Writing A Wrong

by Jemia de Blondeville   Jan 8, 2021

In my application
To qualify
For a free assessment
And Guidance
To my poetic writes
Or wrongs
I have to declare
My gender
And sexuality
As this will aide
And advance
My chances of qualifying
So i tick boxes
Little boxes
Built just the same
That reveal my legacy
Not my PC shame
That i am a transwoman
That i am a lesbian
That i am this
And i am that
Should i wear
A particular hat?
I'm just me
Being pigeon-holed
Confined to little
Claustrophobic tick boxes
That are meant
To conform
Or confirm
My identity
Which in reality
Gets lost
In a maelstrom
Of conformity
I am just me
The only difference
Is the way i now pee!
And the only
Bush on bush experience
I've so far had
Was when i peed
Behind a car
at a festival campsite
Under the twilight
Under the stars
Not realising
As i squatted in my innocence
That a bush beneath me
Was nettles!
There came no sighs
From between my thighs
But i was at least
by Jemia


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  • 1 week ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Well done! I think this poem holds a variety of fun, truth, and clarity about acceptance! It has a great layout, quick and catchy, and I love the honesty and humor in the lines.

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