Alien Invasion

by Jemia de Blondeville   Jan 11, 2021

Alien Invasion
I walked to my red post box yesterday
The weather was cool, and breezy
The sky was a soft grey
Looked like it would stay that way

It felt similar to the Spring
Although, without the warmth
The birdsong was toned down
And there wasn't many people around

The trees were still cold, and bare
Yet fresh saplings had been recently planted
Young buds already coming through
New young life, to look forward to

Yet there was a silence
An emptiness of hidden ghosts
Safely confined,within their home
The cool moist outside, no place to roam

I watched a film, War Of The Worlds
The Aliens, finally destroyed by a virus
Seemed an ironic hero, to save the human race
Obviously no vaccines available, in outer space

by Jemia


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