by Jemia de Blondeville   Jan 13, 2021

They said
"I think she's having another turn!"
I drifted off again
This time, i dreamt i was riding on the back of a Dragon
And i remember
How beautiful the landscape below us was
As i felt the warm breeze, brush against my skin
And looking down
Could make out the green lushness of the forest below
The glinting silver freckles
Coming from a rambling brook
That wove its way through the forest
I thought i espied
Fish, leaping along upstream
And then, amongst the trees
Tiny glimmers of light
Floating along, like butterflies
Whilst lost in the beauty of all below me
I suddenly realised i had wings
And the Dragon spoke to me
"Your majesty."
"It is time for you to fly!"
At this point, i thought of two things
Well three things actually!
If i included the Dragon, the fact that it could talk, my fear of heights,
that i had wings, and that the Dragon had addressed me as "your majesty"!
Which actually comes to five things!
But fear of heights, came out top,
As the Dragon, suddenly dipped down
Leaving me on my own, mid-air
Thinking i was certain to plummet to my death
An unknown instinct came to me
As i felt my arms, doing a flapping movement
Amd soon i was gently gliding downwards
And the fear, and panic, faded away, into the ether
As feelings of joy, and exhilaration swept through me
And i felt a pure love of my existence
I slowly glided downwards,
With the wind gently caressing my hair
Towards the brook
As i felt thirsty
And the water looked clear, and clean
And fresh
And thus would be safe to drink....
by Jemia


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  • 2 days ago

    by Star

    I had fun reading this, and truly made me smile, I imagined. myself flying and free, I could see the nature. It's like I took a deep breath of fresh air. Really enjoyed this read :)