by Jemia de Blondeville   Jan 17, 2021

Her beautiful fleece
Glistened like gold
Woven in silk
Like the finest of tapestries

Her open ready smile
Pursed ruby red lips
Lying betwixt two
Soft white ivory pillars

The honey that lay within
Succulent, and exquisite
Freely flowing
Upon my gorging tongue

This well of pleasure
Sated my pulsing tongue
My own lips moistened
At this taste of delight

My hands gently caressed
Two soft buds
That soon flowered
As my lips brushed over them

We were soon
Face to face
As our tongues danced
In harmonies of desire

Like the waves of a rolling ocean
She was like the ebb tide
That washed over me
Echoing my own dance of seduction

I could sense my head
Begin to explode
As her tongue
Created my own delicious eruptions

Tsunamis of pleasure
Ebbed, and flowed
Culminating in a silent scream
Of exquisite ecstasy

Revealing a unique desire
The butterflies of our souls
Our gentle wing beat
Had discovered the nectar, of our deepest desires

by Jemia


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