Self Portrait (a miniature)

by Jemia de Blondeville   Jan 23, 2021

Life begins, being born
Cord strangles, then is torn
Lots of schools, shallow halls
Haunted houses, scary ghouls
Teenage angst, and hysteria
Afghan coat, and flowing hair
Mandrax, and Valium
Moggadon, and Librium
Speed freaks, and acid heads
Empty squats, and monkey beds
Weed, sex, and alcohol
Folksongs, and rock, and roll
Overdoses, and sleeping pills
Smoking habits, nearly kills
Fart attacks, heart attacks
Hair dyes, and healthy snacks
Vitamins, and hormone gels
Changing genders, happy girls
Thigh length boots, and mini skirts
Funky jackets, and abstract flirts
Getting older, greyish hair
Dye it copper, keep that flair
Writing poetry, writing verse
Knowing it's unlikely, to fill my purse
My thoughts are young, my mind is bold
I'll stay this way, with a heart of gold
by Jemia


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  • 1 month ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Loved this vibrant edgy rhymed look at life in miniature. A rollercoaster of emotion and imagery that was an absolute delight to read. Milly x