Can Two Join Dreams

by William Mae   Feb 10, 2021

Many daydreams built this moment,
Many talks paved the road,
Thinking, dreaming, wanting wishing,
Hearts stir each other’s soul.

A life time of suppressed emotions,
A spark turns to a burning flame,
A prison built to enslave feelings,
Wants free to never again be tamed.

Feel my hands upon your body,
The tenderness of each caress,
Each button slowly loosened,
Slowly drops away your dress.

Flesh to flesh we mold together,
Tangled up beneath the sheets,
Moments sure to last as memories,
Resurface every time we meet.

Fingers interlace together,
Kisses deepen, pulses race,
Candles silhouette positions,
Lovers blending touch and taste.

Whispers from this nights condition,
Fulfilling needs so long endured,
Perfection always blends together,
Then the wants somehow are cured.

Gasps and sighs are but reactions,
Releasing pleasure felt inside,
Quivering shakes slowly building,
A balance for this rising tide.

Who could guess this depth of pleasure,
That body mind and soul create,
So very rare all three are blended,
In moments that two lovers make.


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  • 7 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    I was happy to see a new poem!!!
    Its strange how dreams surface with feelings mixed into it. Dreams are after all the quiet, surpressed wishes and wants kept hushed.

    Nicely penned, with images that sparks feelings! Hope to read more...take care..

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