by Prophecies In Kodak   Feb 16, 2021

thought i could bury my dark
inside all your light
another word for home
but not in the ways you would think
more like a forest i could lose myself in
knuckle the trees
breathe life to the sigh to your smile
like i’m not /rotten parts/
wouldn’t that be nice?

but you won’t know
you won’t

this is my means all ends well
this is the taste of my teeth
to the back of the classroom
like a tattle tale
like when i hoped
who i’d become was less rugged
more smooth
more cooperative than nice kid
but it fits when you never win

and i am

you will never see the way i looked
when you severed the tie
the one i wore around my neck
like breadcrumbs to my flight
(blast off)
into your unsteady
(stay calm)
but bite my lip

because none of this makes sense
and you’re not here
so i won’t want it
the darker my eyes grow the better alone feels
and i guess my heart couldn’t fight
against my mind
still it creeps in through the cracks
in my resolve
shattering my focus
knocking on
your smile

but no ones home


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  • 2 months ago

    by Brenda

    This is dark yet hopeful in spots. I hope you find your light.

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