A New Macrocosm

by RSGood   Feb 19, 2021

We crave what we gave.
We thirst for more.
Someone to share the load.
Instead we tread that familiar road.
The unpaved path to happiness.
We walked it together separately.
Tiny dirt devils swirling with each step.
Finally bringing your feet to mine.
The miles no longer separate us.
Our feet now transfixed.
Penetrating Mother Earth, transforming.
Taking root in our new found creation.
Our embrace forming a new macrocosm.
Our kisses creating life anew.
We have nothing but ourselves to give.
We have nothing but ourselves to lose.
We are born in the light.
We are joined in the darkness.
Buried feelings disinterred in sunshine or shadow.
We kiss one another.
We kiss life.
We embrace one another.
We embrace life.
Our hunger sated.
Our thirst surfeited.


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