Velveteen Madness

by Anya   Feb 23, 2021

Sanity sat next to us
In his suit of pearly grey
We’d forgot each name he wore
But he knew all dubs we say

By name of Wisdom Wry
Is what we called him now
No other title said
Our Madness would allow

And of all the books
Wisdom Wry had told
There 's just one fable
That never gets old

The book with the Rabbit
Of a velveteen fleece
The pale worn out pages
For years had brought us peace

And Wisdom Wry had taught us
A child’s love to dust and fluff
And we grew to yearn this Real
But these prayers were not enough

Like the Skin Horse had said
We needed something spare
This Love we Mad can’t have
That makes the rabbits wear

And our dear Wisdom
Knows us at our worst
Though he, unlike us
Never thought us cursed

We, the wandering Mad
Keep searching for that dream
To one day find this Love
That wears our every seam

And then our Wisdom told us
A hint to what we had sought
He told us Love was given
In all the stories he taught

But we, with name of Mad
Could not yet recognize
For all his stories told
Was godlike in our eyes

But then, we the Mad
Mad in every way
Saw our velvet heart
Had begun to fray


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  • 9 months ago

    by Brenda

    What a cool poem! Nominated!