by Rog   Feb 23, 2021

Sometimes I feel the terrible weight
darkness and cold and absence of air
mountains of water above my head
nothing but silence, burden and pain

I long for soft, melodious cheers
easing the acute pulse in my ears
I yearn for frank, solid smiles
soothing the pitch-black in my eyes

I crave for nice, homely breasts
warming my freezed, shivering chest
I beg a long, generous kiss
giving me breath, full of hope bliss

Will we climb up to the surface?
Shall we play there graceful old games?
Don't you know yet silly dumb sailor?
Sirens won't let go of their gaoler

Better to brave oceans alone
between the abyss and the cyclone
An open heart and honest look
beats down the mermaids in any book

If I am lucky I'll find a friend
joining my crew before the end
and if a wave swallow the boat
I will just go drifting afloat


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